We Have Been Performing Professional Window Cleaning Since 2008

ABQ Window Washers is owned by Thomas and Lindsey Atencio. They initially started doing window cleaning in ABQ in 2008 as 5-Star Home and Window. Their experience ranges from commercial window cleaning to residential window washing to doing smaller home jobs such as power washing decks and patios. In 2012, Lindsey and Thomas decided to get into trucking. After a couple of years as company drivers, they decided to buy their own truck - and then a second.  After six years of doing long-haul trucking, they decided to go back to their old business - window washing. Their new name, ABQ Window Washers, is part of a rebranding of their old business.

Lindsey and Thomas Window Cleaners in ABQ
Thomas & Lindsey Atencio - Owners


Both Lindsey and Thomas are native New Mexicans born and raised in the Albuquerque Metro area. They work as a great team and compliment each other very well. Where Thomas is weak, Lindsey is strong and vice versa. With ABQ Window Washers, you get a solid reliable team of window cleaners.

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