Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar Panels in AlbuquerqueWe Clean Solar Panels in Albuquerque Metro!

Albuquerque's hard water wreaks havoc on solar panels. It is almost impossible to remove hard water residue without damaging the solar panel. 

We Use Only Deionized Water

Deionized water ensures there is no mineral content used in the process of washing your solar panels. DI water (short for deionized water) allows us to perfectly clean your solar panels without any soaps or harsh chemicals. This helps to ensure your solar panel glass remain in pristine condition. Solar panels in pristine condition ensures maximum solar panel efficiency and low utility costs.

How Can We Ensure We Use Only DI Water on Your Solar Panels?

We produce our own DI water at your location with proprietary technology unique to ABQ Window Washers. Combined with our other high-end equipment, we have a 60 foot reach. This helps us to be able to effectively clean even your hard to reach solar panels.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Our Solar Panels?

It's hard to tell you the cost until we see your solar panels. We will have to stop by your residence or place of business to give you an estimate. Please know all estimates are free! After we see your location, we will give you a prompt estimate along with a price guarantee. Please feel free to request a free estimate today!

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